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Our Speakers

Plenary: GOStrategic Forum (Powered by DaLa)

Toa Charm_OpenCertHub_moderator_AI Adoption, and its Future_Opening Panel Session.jpg

Dr. Toa Charm

Founding Chairman,

Data Literacy Association

Chris Au Young_Airport Authority Hong Ko

Mr. Chris Au Young

General Manager, Innovation & Data Insights,

Airport Authority Hong Kong

Cally Chan_Microsoft_AI Adoption, and its Future_Opening Panel Session_edited.jpg

Ms. Cally Chan, MH

General Manager,

Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau

Nixon Chau_SenseTime_AI Adoption, and it

Mr. Nixon Chau

Managing Director and General Manager,

SenseTime Hong Kong

Sunny Lee Wai-kwong_ASTRI__AI Adoption, and its Future_Opening Panel Session.jpg

Ir. Sunny Lee Wai-kwong, BBS, JP

Board Chairman,

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute

GOStrategic Forum

Jun Du_China Unicom Global_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Dr. Jun Du

General Manager, Technology & Innovation,

China Unicom Global

Lana Lo_City University of Hong Kong_Lenovo Session_edited.jpg

Dr. Lana Lo

Chief Information Officer,

City University of Hong Kong

CC Wong_Digital Realty_Keynote Session_edited.jpg

Mr. CC Wong

Product Director, APAC,

Digital Realty

Ivan Lam, P.Eng._Lenovo PCCW Solutions_Lenovo Session.jpg

Mr. Ivan Lam

Vice President, Exploratory and Industry Technology Solutions,

Lenovo PCCW Solutions

Michael T. B_edited.jpg

Mr. Michael Chan

Managing Director,

MTR Lab Company Limited

Plenary: GOStrategic Forum - BIG4’s Roundtable

Peter Koo.png

Mr. Peter Koo


Fintech The Specialist Group,

Hong Kong Computer Society

Robert Lui_Deloitte China_Big4 Roundtable Session_edited.jpg

 Mr. Robert Lui

Hong Kong Digital Asset Leader & Southern Region Capital Market Services Group Leader,

Deloitte China

Alex Yung_EY_Big4 Roundtable Session_edited.jpg

 Mr. Alex Yung

EY Asia-Pacific Business Transformation & Innovation Leader,

Asia-Pacific Tech, Media & Telecom Sector Leader

Robert Zhan_KPMG China_Big4 Roundtable Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Robert Zhan

 Director - Risk Consulting,

KPMG China

Duncan Fitzgerald_PwC_Big4 Roundtable Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Duncan Fitzgerald

Financial Services Risk Controls and Governance Leader and Digital Assets / Web3 Co-leader,

PwC Hong Kong

Retail Innovation Summit 2023 (Powered by HKRTIA)

Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association - Vincent So.jpg

Mr. Vincent So


Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association

Eva Tsang_ChaCha Beauty_RTIA Session.jpeg

Ms. Eva Tsang

Marketing Director,

ChaCha Beauty

Alan Ho_Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding (Greater China) Limited_RTIA Session.jpg

Mr. Alan Ho

Head of IT,

Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding (Greater China) Limited

Simon Huang_Charming International (HK) Group Limited_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Simon Huang

Managing Director, Charming International (HK) Group Limited

Kent Lam_Decathlon HK_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Kent Lam

CTO, Decathlon HK

Winston Yeung_Fulum Group Holdings Limited_RTIA Session_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. Winston Yeung

Executive Director,

Fulum Group Holdings Limited

Henry Yeung_Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association_moderator_RTIA Session_edited

Mr. Henry Yeung

Vice Chairman,

Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association

Arist Wong_Hong Kong Smart Catering Association_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Arist Wong


Hong Kong Smart Catering Association

Francis Wong_International Housewares Retail Company Limited_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Francis Wong

Chief Information Officer,

International Housewares Retail Company Limited

Matt Reid_KIN Food Halls_RTIA Session.jpeg

Mr. Matt Reid

CEO & Co-founder,

KIN Food Halls

Patrick Tsang_Retailer Advisory Committee_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Patrick Tsang


Retailer Advisory Committee

Gary Wong_Seafruit Depuration Limited_RTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Gary Wong

Chief Technology Officer, Seafruit Depuration Limited

WTIA Innovation Forum (Powered by WTIA)

Keith Li - Pic_edited.jpg

Mr. Keith Li


Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA)

Lok Wang Chun_Infobip Limited_WTIA Session.jpg

Mr. Lok Wang Chun

Regional Partnership Development Manager,

Infobip Limited

Ivan So_HDcourse_WTIA Session.jpeg

Mr. Ivan So

Digital Consultant,


Jordan Sun_Maxzer Limited_WTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Jordan Sun


Maxzer Limited

Brendan Wu_HKAI Limited_WTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Brendan Wu

Technical Co-founder,

HKAI Limited

Perry So_SDS-TechGlobal Limited_WTIA Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Perry So

Development Manager,

SDS-TechGlobal Limited

Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association Forum (Powered by HKeCSC)

Terry Chan_Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC)_moderator_HKeCSC Session.

Mr. Terry Chan

Founder & Chairman,

Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC)

Joseph Chan_AsiaPay_HKeCSC Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Joseph Chan



Edwin Wong_Cloudbreakr_HKeCSC Sesion_edited.jpg

Mr. Edwin Wong



Billy Yeung_InsCoder Limited_HKeCSC Session.jpg

Mr. Billy Yeung


InsCoder Limited

Taurus Cheung_ShipAny_HKeCSC Session_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. Taurus Cheung



GOTech Forum – FINTECH

Emil Chan_Hong Kong Digital Finance Association_moderator_FinTech Forum_edited.jpg

Mr. Emil Chan


Hong Kong Digital Finance Association;

Adjunct Professor of EMBA,

City University of Hong Kong

Frankie Tam_Eversheds Sutherland_FinTech Forum_edited.jpg

Ms. Frankie Tam

Partner (Technology),

Eversheds Sutherland

Irene Lee_edited.jpg

Ms. Irene Lee

Member Board of Directors,

FinTech Association of Hong Kong

Paul Li_Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association_FinTech Forum_edited.jpg

Mr. Paul Li


Hong Kong Fintech Industry Association

Anthony Ng_Hong Kong Virtual Asset Exchange_FinTech Forum_edited.jpg

Dr. Anthony Ng

Co-Founder and CEO,

Hong Kong Virtual Asset Exchange

King Leung_InvestHK_FinTech Forum_edited_edited.jpg

Mr. King Leung

Head of Financial Services and Fintech,


Plato Yip_Treelion Foundation_FinTech Forum.jpg

Mr. Plato K. T. Yip

Secretary General and CEO,

Treelion Foundation

Devon Sin_ZA Bank_FinTech Forum.jpg

Mr. Devon Sin

Deputy Chief Executive,

ZA Bank


Otto Lee_Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre_Cybersecurity Sess

Mr. Otto Lee


Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT)

Matthew Wong_Microsoft_Cybersecurity Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Matthew Wong

Senior Security Cloud Solution Architect,


Colin She_Check Point Software Technologies Limited_Cybersecurity Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Colin She

Security Consultant (Hong Kong & Macau),

Check Point Software Technologies Limited

Kok Tin Gan_PwC Hong Kong_Cybersecurity Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Kok Tin Gan

Partner, PwC Hong Kong & Founder,

PwC’s Dark Lab

Lester Ip_Hong Kong Police Force_Cybersecurity Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Lester Ip

Chief Inspector, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau,

Hong Kong Police Force

Jolly Wong_University of Cambridge and Shanghai University_moderator_Cybersecurity Session

Dr. Jolly Wong

Policy Fellow,

Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge;

 Visiting Professor,

Institute for Smart City, Shanghai University

GOTech Forum – AI Applications (Powered by HKAI Lab)

Timothy Leung_HKAI Lab_moderator_HKAI La

Mr. Timothy Leung

Executive Director,


San Wong_ R2C2 Limited_HKAI Lab Session 2_edited.jpg

Mr. San Wong


R2C2 Limited

Patrick Tu_ Dayta AI Limited _HKAI Lab Session 3_edited.jpg

Mr. Patrick Tu


Dayta AI Limited

Wiva Wei_MatrixForce_HKAI Lab Session 3_edited.jpg

Mr. Wiva Wei

Founder & CEO,


Ivan Lau_Pantheon Lab Limited_HKAI Lab S

Mr. Ivan Lau


Pantheon Lab Limited

Yolanda Au_RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited_HKAI Lab Session 2_edited.jpg

Miss Yolanda Au

Director & Co-founder,

RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited

Jovian Ling_Set Sail Venture Limited_HKAI Lab Session 1_edited.jpg

Mr. Jovian Ling


Set Sail Venture Limited

IOTHK Summit 2023 (Powered by IOTHK)

Sam Wu_IOTHK_moderator_IOTHK Session.jpg

Mr. Sam Wu

Vice Chairman,


Anson Shen_Huawei Cloud HK_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Mr. Anson Shen


Huawei Cloud HK

Jun Du_China Unicom Global_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Dr. Jun Du

General Manager, Technology & Innovation,

China Unicom Global

Samuel Lo_NVIDIA_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Mr. Samuel Lo

General Manager,

NVIDIA AI Technology Center

Alan Lam_Deloitte Consulting_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Mr. Alan Lam


Consulting Deloitte

Adela Lau_The University of Hong Kong_IOTHK Session.jpeg

Dr. Adela Lau

Data Science, The University of Hong Kong

GOTech Forum – MARTECH (Powered by AMS)

Dr. Ken Ip

Dr. Ken Ip


Asia MarTech Society

Cecilia Cheng_EternityX Marketing Technology Marketing Limited_Asia MarTech Session_edited

Ms. Cecilia Cheng

Executive Director,

EternityX Marketing Technology Limited

Mr. Kunaal Masih

Mr. Kunaal Masih

Head of Digital -  FIN & Automation,

Cathay Pacific

Ms. Magda Kotek

Ms. Magda Kotek

Chief Marketing Officer- Asia Pacific,


 Mr. Daniel Hagos

Mr. Daniel Hagos

Managing Director APAC,

Emarsys (Part of SAP)

Mr. David Leung

Mr. David Leung

Head of Branding,

Research & Development,

Maxim's Group

GS1 HK Forum (Powered by GS1 HK)

Lincoln Chan_GS1 Hong Kong_GS1 HK Forum_edited.jpg

Mr. Lincoln Chan

Head of Membership & Digital Services,

GS1 Hong Kong

Ken Mok_Maxim’s Group_GS1 HK Forum_edited.png

Mr. Ken Mok

Lead-Manufacturing Solutions,

Maxim’s Group

Wayne Luk_GS1 Hong Kong_GS1 HK Forum_edited.jpg

Mr. Luk Wai Tong, Wayne

Head of Product & Service Delivery,

GS1 Hong Kong

CAHK STAR Awards Mobile Operator Winners 5G Sharing & AI Forum (Powered by CAHK)

Stephen Ho_Communications Association of Hong Kong_moderator_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Stephen Ho

Honorary Chairman,


Co-founder and CEO,

n-hop technologies Ltd.

Lindel Sun_China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Lindel Sun

Vice President, Government & Enterprise Business Group,

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

Michael Tsang_China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Michael Tsang

Business Development Director, Government & Enterprise Business Group,

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

Damien Leong_Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Damien Leong

Chief Technology Officer,

Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited

Daniel Chung_CSL Mobile Limited_CAHK Session_edited.jpg

Mr. Daniel Chung

SVP Products & Services Marketing, Consumer Mobile,

CSL Mobile Limited

Carmen Ho_CSL Mobile Limited_CAHK Session.jpg

Ms. Carmen Ho

Vice President of Marketing,

CSL Mobile Limited