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Themed Pavilions

In addition to the keynote exhibition and conferences, an array of eye-opening themed pavilion is organized on the show floor, providing event participants and visitors abundant and effective networking and information exchange platform.

Data Cloud

Cloud Technologies

An exclusive area for potential customers to GOVirtual and learn the latest trends and developments in Cloud Computing Technology and shape the future of digital transformation. Suppliers can also get the golden chance to share their excellent cloud solutions with different flexibilities to reach users' needs.

Image by André François McKenzie


While there have been many success stories, blockchain technologies are still developing. Everyone knows there will be many opportunities for blockchain development in different industries. The blockchain pavilion is a platform to showcase the latest technology & application of blockchain, exchange ideas, and explore a potential partnership.

Office Meeting

Young Tech Meet-Up

Connects up & coming young tech professionals in the region with entities aiming to harness advances in virtual business technologies & internet innovations to foster growth opportunities.

Image by Shane Rounce

Future • Connected by 5G

Want to take a glimpse at future and discover how 5G will disrupt the business world? This showcase of 5G applications in different industries and communities. Attendees will gain access to advanced technologies and innovated solutions; and experience the adoption to virtual economic environment.

Image by Franck

Security Park

The rise of digital transformation rapidly leads to the issue of cyber security. Enterprises need to keep walking at the forefront of security technology development to secure business stability and competitiveness. Security Park assembles the latest security technologies and solutions. Service providers can exchange ideas and explore different business partnerships through the solution showcase.

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