Who should Exhibit?

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Blockchain

  • 3D

  • 5G

  • Big Data

  • Digital Transformation

  • Cloud/Cloud-to-Edge Computing

  • Augmentative Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Mixed Reality

  • Cyber Security

Disruptive Business Innovations

Disruptive business innovations.png
  • Sales Generation

  • User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Customer Experience and Personalisation

  • Market Place/Shopping Platform Management

  • Multichannel customer passage, Cross-Channel Payment

  • Localisation, International support Mechanisms

  • Delivery and Fulfilment

  • Business Analytics


GO Virtual Business Expo
  • Data &Analytics

  • Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Automation and AI Interaction

  • Digital Customer Loyalty

  • Personalisation

  • eCommerce Marketing

  • Engagement &Measurement

Marketing Technology

Online Business Technology
  • Sales Automation

  • Sales Force Automation & Customer Relationship Management

  • Inside Sales

  • Business Card Management

  • Big Data Utilization and Analysis

  • Marketing Integration

  • Call Centre and Field Sales Support

Digital Sales Management

Digital Sales management.png
  • Payment Processing

  • Banking Software &Services

  • Virtual Card

  • Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain

  • eCommerce Platforms

  • Independent Sales Organization, Member Service Provider

  • Know Your Customer& Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

  • eWallets/Mobile Wallet

  • Payment Gateway

  • ePOS solutions

  • Digital Remittance &Money Transfer

  • Online Security, Fraud Prevention

Payment & FinTech

Payment & fintech.png
  • Materials handling and storage technology

  • Warehouse Management & Production Controls

  • Stock and inventory management

  • Order-picking systems

  • Labelling and identification

  • Storage system

  • Shipping and transport management

Supply Chain & Logistics

supply chain & logistics.png
  • Network & WiFi

  • Platform, apps and software

  • AV & Connection equipment & hardware

  • VoIP

  • VR & AR

Virtual Meetings & Events

Virtual Meetings & Events
  • Broadband & mobile network

  • Video and audio compression

  • Players & devices

  • Media servers and cloud services

  • Apps and software

  • Equipment & hardware

Live Streaming & Online Entertainment

Live Streaming & Online Entertainment

Participation Packages

1 Standard Booth (Shell Scheme) includes:

100W longarm spotlights, Square-pin socket, Fascia board with computer cut-out English company name, Information counter, Folding chairs, Waste basket.

2 Exhibit Space only:

Exhibitor can design the booth with company branding and style.

For Exhibit Enquiries:

Ms. Denise Ho/Ms. Kelly Lo


(852) 3520 3612



Show Organizer - Baobab Tree Event

Virtual Business Solutions

Subsidize up to


of participation fee!

Merchants participating in GOVirtual Business Expo & Conference will be eligible for funding support under the HKSAR SME Export Marketing Fund. The maximum amount of funding support for each successful application is 50% of the total approved expenditure incurred by the applicant enterprise or $100,000, whichever is the less. Visit www.smefund.tid.gov.hk/english/emf/ for details.

SME Export Marketing Fund


Sponsorship Opportunities

Coming Soon!

For Enquiries:

Ms. Denise Ho/Ms. Kelly Lo


(852) 3520 3612



Show Organizer - Baobab Tree Event


Book a Booth

Participation Packages:

  • A) 9sq.m. Standard booth

  • B) 18sq.m. Standard booth

  • C) ≥ 36sq.m. Space only

  • D) 6sq.m. Hybrid Inno-Kiosk @ Hybrid Park (Click Here to find out more)

Thank you for your submission. Our team will contact you shortly.


Exhibitor Service Manual

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